Nicholas Lauber




Practice Areas:

Antitrust. Appellate. Complex Business. Intellectual Property. Labor & Employment. Trials.

Client Sectors:

Consumer Optics. Emerging Technologies. Entrepreneurship. Professional Sports. Real Estate Investment and Development. Sanitation & Conservation.

Nick Lauber is an experienced litigator who began his career as a prosecutor, gaining unparalleled jury trial skills as a first-chair attorney. As a prosecutor, he developed a reputation for his approach to a high volume of cases on behalf of victims of exploitation, violations of privacy, and abuse. He has defended clients, including law enforcement officers, in high-stakes civil rights litigation in state and federal court. Following his public sector work, Lauber transitioned to private practice where he focused on fraud, professional malpractice, class action, real estate sector, and bad faith litigation.

Lauber’s approach to his cases is to draw out the story underlying the case and present it in a way that resonates both logically and emotionally. Nick’s goal is to present his client’s narrative in a way that reverberates in the mind, creating lasting advocacy for his clients even once he has delivered his argument on their behalf.

Lauber holds a J.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

When he is not practicing the law, Lauber is an avid woodworker and game show enthusiast, having appeared as a contestant on a long-running, nationally syndicated show.

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