Candice Hassid


Chief Operating Officer


Candice Hassid is the Chief Operating Officer of FROST LLP. She is a dynamic and trusted business operations leader with deep experience across the finance sector. Hassid is responsible for direct client interface on firm business matters and for overseeing all business operations for the firm, including business development, internal employee oversight, vendor relations, human resources, insurance and benefit matters, accounting, and intake and engagement.

Hassid has previously worked with FROST LLP’s founding attorneys, and has been instrumental in establishing FROST LLP’s business operations and launching the firm. Prior to her time in the legal field, Hassid had a rich career in the banking industry where she held roles with extensive management and direct client interface responsibilities.

Outside of her work life, Hassid prioritizes time with her family and showing her love for animals–in particular, a rottweiler named Vegan, a German Shepherd named Cash and Ra’s, her Mainecoon kitten.

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